måndag 9 december 2013


Hej min bortglömda blogg!

För några dagar sen jobbade jag på Style Station i Norrköping inför deras hårshow. Håren var extrema och så snygga och det gav mig så mycket inspiration. Jag älskar ju att göra looker som är för mycket av allt. Älskar färg, form, olika strukturer och älskar att blanda och hitta på nytt. Därför var det här så himla mega überkul! Jag kände denna gång mest för att göra sminket mycket men avskalat i färg för att det skulle bli mer modernt. Men det skulle inte vara jag om det inte fanns lite glitter med i bilden ;) Bilden har jag lånat från Sara (saraullvetter.com) det är hon som är modellen. Sara är så fantastiskt snygg i sig själv därför tyckte jag att det var kul att göra en mer hård look på henne och titta vad snygg hon blev, läskigt snygg! Jag ser fram emot fler bilder från visningen, tyvärr i mitt kreativa tumult glömde jag helt bort tid, rum och kamera :)

Hi my forgotten blog!

A couple of days ago I did some make up for a hairshow. And it was überfun! So fun to just let all creativity flow ;) I just love doing theese looks that is just to much of everything. Lots of colors, glitter and lashes! This time I decided to do it more Fashion-like and not so many colors at once. I decided to go dark on this beauty! So beautiful!

New website/Ny hemsida


Idag har min nya hemsida äntligen lagts upp på webben :)


Söker du en make up artist i Norrköping eller i närområdet så tveka inte att titta in på min nya hemsida, där kan du även boka mig :) 

fredag 16 mars 2012

onsdag 14 mars 2012


For this look I've used a shadow that I think I've never used, dough I bought it about 5 years ago! I hate myself for that! It's called Butterfly and I bought it from Make Up Store shortly after my graduation, I think I was going to use it in a specific job. I used to think it was dull but I kind of like it now, but I think the pigmentation could have been better but it works now for the spring.

I didn't get a close up, but Butterfly is a worm light purple with golden shimmer. And my fabulous lipstick is Yarn also from Make Up Store. This is a springlook I will wear again!

Mint again

Im totaly in love with mint green right now so here's one more look using Eye Dust Brilliance from Make Up Store:

torsdag 8 mars 2012


Right now I'm loving mint green! Yesterday I had a little detail of it in my inner corner and also as highlighter on the browbone!

This is really terrible pictures but I really liked this make up! Im sorry the colors don't show dough. I used my new Toxic and Courtesan from Illamasqua. And also Angel and Blurry from Make Up Store!

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism

I'm not sure why but this brand makes me do stupid things! Id just received a package just the other day and now I'm so tempted to order something new. And of course the release of there new look is one of the mane reasons! And for those who know me knows that I LOVE teals and lime! So I really want it all! Why are they so damn amazing? I love the eyeshadows and everything I ever bought has been amazing, not a single item has been a disappointment. Therefor I know i could be blinded and order and still be the happiest girl when the package arrive. Damn you! If I had the money I would buy every single thing from them. In fact that's a goal.

Their brushes are also amazing, I mean really amazing! So soft and wonderful and all synthetic. Their lipsticks are wonderful ad I've heard only good things about the nailpolish. Im gonna stop blabbering now.. hehe but this got's me going!

So this Skin Base with a shimmery texture would be nice for the summer i imagine it will give the skin this glow that we all want! :) And That teal lipstick so so wonderful, but again when will I wear it? I think I would wear it because its so beautiful. I like to wear a crazy color with a classic 50's eye, I think its gorgeous! Aww I want it so bad!

And all the eyeshadows how great dosent they look! I really need a pure black because mine is quite old and the pigments isn't that good anymore and it tend to fall. And since i love Illamasqua eyeshadows I've been planning to buy a black one for i while! The limegreen is so vibrant and fun, I need this in the summer! And the teal one, i don't need an excuse!

And the promo-picture, I love it! Its simple jet colorful and really elegant. I love the teal with the white against this darker glowing skin. And of course the contour is amazing, as always. It's kind of Illamasquas thing, to contour and create different shapes! I love how they always works with so many details. I adore the white eyebrow and the white beautymark on the cheek for example. This picture is flawless!

This is not the only picture in the collection but its my favorite for now. I like the simplicity and color-setting. Even tough it so simple i really like it and i think I was expecting more creativity and more of an storyline behind it, as in Toxic Nature, but I really like it! I have to think about the storyline a bit more. I Think Illamasqua is wonderful in that way to, they're always trying to bring a message within their collections aswell.