onsdag 30 november 2011

New in from Sleek

I'm totally in love with Sleek palettes and my wallet don't mind ;) This is a clip were I use the Me, myself and eye and Oh so special palette. Sorry for speaking swedish in this clip, you can always turn off the sound and turn on your favorite music! :)

I've used:
Eyeprimer Sundust Hightechlighter från MUS
Eyehadows: Sleek Palette Me, Myself and Eye and Oh so special, Pure Pigment Beguile from Illamasqua
Eyepen: Black and Seduced by the dark from MUS
Mascara: Isadora Wing Ham ?? hehe
Brow: Wolf (Powder Eyeshadow) and Vehement (Brow cake) from Illamasqua
Base: Matt Foundation Ivory from MUS, Wonde powder Sahara from MUS, Sun touched Bronzing Powder from MUS, Powder Blush Disobey from Illamasqua 
Lips: Fairytale Dream Lippencil from MUS

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