måndag 5 december 2011

Vampires and Daemons

Im totaly in a vamipre mood! I'm following True Blood and I think it inspire me more than I think! Actually I did this look at work on a customer and felt that it was so simple but gorgeous so I just had to do a remake on myself :) I feel like red is so underestimated and i think I'm gonna start use it more often. In my latest order from Illamasqua I bought a bunch of reddish shades, and in this make up I did try one out, this is Daemon.

I think it's gorgeous! When I made this look at work I worked with an other shade of red, it's more bright and its called East and you can find it at Make Up Store. As I said this is Daemon from Illamasqua, I really love this color, its dark and really a true red. If you would like to work with red I think it's really useful to have a yellow shade to work with and blend in because some reds tend to get a bit pink when you blend them out. I actually used Vulgar a orange shade from Illamasqua so an orange works as well :)

Eyeprimer: Sundust Hightechlighter from MUS
Eyeshadows: Daemon, Succumb, Vulgar and Inrigue from Illamasqua, Pollution from MUS
Eyeliner: Cake Eyeliner Black from MUS
Eyepencil: Black från MUS
Mascara: Multi Lash från MUS
Brow: Wolf from Illamasqua
Base: Reflex Cover Medium from MUS, Matt Foundation Ivory from MUS, Wonder Powder Sahara from MUS, Dual Foundation Helsinki from MUS
Blush: Posh from MUS
Lips: A hint of Peachy from MUS
Others: Falselashes Doll from MUS

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