måndag 5 december 2011

Yes! to Stazz

On friday I was a bit lazy so i did a simple yelloweye but to add some glimmer I added some stones! I would have liked them to be more hot pink and more colorful or at least that was what I had pictured but this was all I had and I think they worked out fine :) They are Crystal Volcano from Make Up Store and they shifts from green, yellow to pink. I really like yellow so this is Yes! from Illamasqua witch I adore, I think i'ts so vibrant and its really pretty! I have many yellows but this one has a more cold undertone, it's more pastelly!

Eyeprimer: Sundust Hightechlighter from MUS
Eyeshadow: Yes!, Succumb and Inrigue from Illamasqua
Eyeliner: Cake Eyeliner Black från MUS
Eyepencil: Vanilla from MUS
Mascara: Multi Lash from MUS
Stazz: Crystal Volcano from MUS
Brow: Wolf from Illamasqua
Base: Reflex Cover Medium from MUS, Matt Foundation Ivory from MUS, Wonder Powder Sahara from MUS, Dual Foundation Helsinki from MUS
Blush: Peach och Coral Lace from MUS
Lips: Lipstick Prairie from MUS, Pot Gloss Pop from MUS

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