söndag 26 februari 2012

Passionate Glory

So this is one of my favorits. The lippencil Passionate glory from MUS is the perfect dark purple. I use it whenever I want a strong lip thats kind of colorful but not too bright. 

Eyeprimer: Milk - Jumbopencil from NYX
Eyeshadows: The Oh So Special i-Divine Palette from Sleek, E/D Lollipop from MUS
Eyeliner: Cake Eyeliner Black from MUS
Eyepen: Snowflake from MUS
Mascara: WigWag from Isadora
Brow: Tri brow color from MUS, Eye brow pencil nr 1 from MUS
Glitter: Spock from MUS
Face: Reflex Cover Medium from MUS, Studio Sculpt from MAC, Wonder Powder Sahara from MUS, Dual Foundation Helsinki from MUS
Blush: Sugarpink and Power from MUS
Lips: Lippencil Passionate Glory and lipstick Senorita from MUS
Others: Mixing Liguid to attach the glitter

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