söndag 4 mars 2012


One of my favorite colors on the eyes is orange. Even dough my eyes are brown, I really like this color, i think my eyes gets a bit more hazel. I got my Illamasqua order soo here's the Skin Base in action! I'll be back with a review later.

So this was my Saturday-look:

for this look Ive used:

Eyeshadows - Vulgar, Yes!, Wolf from Illamasqua
Gold, Goldglow,Viva och Pollution from MUS
Glitter - Super from MUS
Kohl - Back from MUS
Mascara - WigWag Isadora
Mixing Liquid for attaching glitter from MUS

Lippencil - Sharp Rose from MUS
Lippstick - Prairie from MUS

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